Monday, February 4, 2008

The best accident of my life

I have been trying since the beginning of tabbed internet browsers to find the key command to switch in between tabs. And yesterday, it came, on accident. I'm always using key commands in the wrong programs and sometimes I find awesome things. I seriously want to know if anyone else knew how to do this because if you did, shame on you for not telling me. If you do not, your eyes are about to be opened:

Command (or apple) and the number of the tab you want to use. So simple, yet so hard to figure out. Try it! I am using Firefox, I'm not sure if it works in all browsers.

Also, I just saw Emily Clark on my local news channel talking about the new president of the church, Thomas S. Monson. She was doing an internship in New York at the same time I was. Now I see her on T.V.


hanner said...

ha! that really is a wonderful accident. thanks for the hot tip.

cole said...

i did learn that once. but i forgot. but, i've also learned how to toggle between tabs... ^ [ or ^ ]. weord!

Bruce said...

Ashley, Ashley, Ashley, this is a good old "windows" shortcut from way back. Now, my computer might not have that odd "apple" key, but my good old Ctrl & Alt keys work just fine. However, I find it too cumbersome to press Ctrl & the specific number of the tab. I always press Ctrl & Tab to quickly scroll through open windows within the same program. I also use Alt & Tab to quickly scroll through open programs. The cool trick I use while web browsing is that if you type your desired web address without typing the "www." beforehand and the ".com" afterwards, you can press Ctrl & Enter and it will do it for you. Since I'm on the computer a lot, I bet I've saved an awful lot of time by doing this (I then proceed to waste that time I just saved by mindlessly browsing the internet, but it feels good just the same!!) for all you google users out there, here is a refined search technique to easily find mp3's (or anything your searching for) just copy and paste this text into your google search path and at the end of it type what you are searching for. If you enter multiple words, surround them in "quotes". Here is the search text: -inurl:htm -inurl:html -inurl:asp intitle:”index of” +mp3 +"back in black" In this example, I searched for a little AC/DC song called "Back in Black". When you click on one of the web pages, you will see index looking pages. When you find what you had searched for on the page (sometimes if the web pages has a ton of stuff on it, you can use the Ctrl-F to do a quick search within that page) when you see the desired file (such as the before mentioned mp3) place the cursor over the link and make sure it is in fact associated with the mp3 files. (You know this because the link will end in .mp3) right mouse click and select the "saveas" option and you can download it. Now if you want to preview it first, you can just click on the link and it should start playing the song, you can then press the back button (thats another cool key, instead of clicking on the "back" button, you can just hit the "Backspace" key and that is the same as press the back button while you are surfing the internet (another time saver that I turn and around and use by wasting more time on the internet) speaking of wasting really good time on the internet, you must go check of the coolest website I've seen in some time..... it's called I'll let you predict what you can watch while your there. I can say that no animals were hurt in the filming, but some easter peeps really took one in the shorts.. anyway back to the other thing, what was i talking about again?? oh yeah, you can find almost any song you would like to listen to straight off plain internet sites.