Tuesday, March 25, 2008


About a week ago something bad happened. I told the trash on my computer to empty and at the same time I was moving some photos from my desktop into the "Pictures" folder that is always on the left column of my finder windows. Somehow the Pictures folder got deleted too. Along with three years of iphoto, pictures from my phone, scrap, type, etc. So today I've been calling data recovery places to see what I can do. I got the phone numbers from the Apple guy, but all these places were Windows places. The first place I accidentally hung up on. The second place said since it was a Mac all the tags would be gone and it would be impossible to find my files. The third place said I waited so long that all the files would be corrupted. BYU-Idaho said they do some minimal data recovery, so I'm going to take my computer there tomorrow to see what they can do first, then I guess I'll ship it to one of these other places. So this is the lesson of the day: if you loose important files, instead of thinking it might not actually be real and trying to avoid thinking about it, DON'T SAVE ANYTHING ELSE ON YOUR COMPUTER. It will save over the space where your files used to be and make data recovery much harder.

If I can't get my pictures back, I'll be accepting donations later. Hopefully someone can find them. But yeah. Don't expect any pictures on this blog for a little while.


cole said...

oh man... sorry again! i thought that it happened today and so i had hope for you. good luck :(

jenny said...

I'm so sorry Ashley. That sucks! Same thing happened to me. I lost the last month of my New York photos from this summer when my hard drive died. Not as sad, but I took a whole roll of this legendary day at Coney and I lost 'em all and I still cry myself to sleep every night.

Holly said...

that is just about the saddest story i have ever heard that does not involve an actual human tragedy (of the tradition type). I'll be praying for you and for those who work on your computer.