Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hey Stop!

Christina said she was sad she didn't make it into any of my New York pictures so I am posting this video I accidentally took while we were waiting in front of Grimaldi's. I know it is sideways and you can't even really see her but I have an important question that arises from watching this video. At the end I say "hey stop" to my camera. Is that really what my voice sounds like? Kind of like a ducky squeak toy?

I don't actually have any good pictures from New York of people. This one is us eating at Grimaldi's. I'm not sure why I didn't try a little harder.

I'm sure part of it is because my camera is so bad.

But don't get distracted. Does my voice really sound like that video?


Lisa said...

You remind me of Yzma the kitten. "Is that my voice?!? Is that MY VOICE?!?!

jenny said...

Ashley! I'm so happy I'm a link on your blog. What an honor. Hey, how do you know Rob Glade!?

Christina said...

haha. you got chris and parts of me. and i can make out your eye and bardhi's arm. not got 4/5 of us.