Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New temporary plans

I am moving to New York in a month to do freelance in the Martha Stewart Living Magazine design department while my friend Linsey is out on maternity leave. I start April 7. I will be there 3 months for sure, maybe a little longer.

That is just an update on my plans.

In honor of that I will post some unflattering pictures from the last time I lived in New York:

This is when we moved all of Holly and Becca's stuff from one apartment to another. My job was sitting on the curb making sure no one stole the stuff. For a few hours. New York City is hot. Everyone was covered in sweat.

These are my awesome tomato plants that were stolen when I moved and the taxi driver wouldn't let me put them in the car so I left them in a garden area of my apartment building for not very long and someone horked them. That was sad. I am still mourning a little.

A couple examples of how wildly curly my hair gets in New York. I have been growing my hair out since I was there last, on the off-chance that I might go back. I didn't especially like my co-workers singing the "Annie" songs every time I went to work.

The sleepover we had the night before I left. We slept on the roof. That is always awesome. I am most excited about getting to see all my New York friends again.


bardhi h. said...


Christina said...

Yay! Ashley in New York. I'm sad I didn't make any of your NY photos, but now I get a chance to make it on to your blog!

adam said...

That's good news. We would love to have you over sometime for dinner or something.

Fancypants said...

Can Bruce and I come crash with you?

Brooke said...

HOORAY! We are so happy for you! And hey, you will be that much closer to us!