Friday, March 28, 2008

old job gone

I didn't write on my blog very much about my old job because I hated it so much. I wanted to pretend it didn't really happen. I did like having money though. So anyway, yesterday was my last day. I was debating whether or not I was required to go tell the people who worked upstairs goodbye, because I didn't think they cared a hoot about me, as long as I took all their messages because they never came into work. If I did ever walk into their office, I was usually ignored and just dropped whatever I had off and walked out. Sometimes I would try to talk, but it was a failure. Then when I had about an hour left at work, a girl that was on maternity leave came to the front door with her new baby so I let her in and was saying, hi, whatever, you know, and she mostly just walked by and didn't say anything. So then I sat at my desk and I walked to the door a couple time so get some packages, and I could see everyone that works there congregated, having a party. I thought they must be seeing the girl's new baby and I just wasn't invited. I didn't care too much, I didn't want to go "chill" with them in the bowling area. I just thought it was so weird they were having a party that I could SEE and they didn't invite me. Then the IT guy was looking at what movies we had received and commanded me to look on the internet to see the rating (he was excessively bossy about it) and then asked why I wasn't having cake. Because I didn't know they were eating cake. At 3 when I was leaving I had to walk by and the person in charge was surprised to see me. I guess they were celebrating March birthdays. Apparently they forgot I existed and didn't invite me over. But I had walked out from my desk quite a few times. Everyone knows where I worked: in the desk in the corner all alone. So I did say goodbye to everyone, since they were sitting right there. I'm not sure they remembered it was my last day. But I thought it was a fitting ending to my employment there. They didn't remember I existed. I had felt like they didn't really care if I was there or not for a while, but I am just glad to be moving on. Other people care that I exist.


cole said...

LIKE ME LIKE ME LIKE MEEEE!!! I CARE!!! maybe you're really dead, and you don't know you're dead. did your coworkers ever shiver when you walked by? <3 suzie (not cole. but he cares too!!!!)

drew said...

I'm with suzie, check your pulse... And march birthdays are boring anyway, you can't go waterskiing. Your party in New York is going to be off the hizzie! Which is ebonics for "cool"