Friday, March 28, 2008

Wish list

Well, I'm off the New York in the morning. This is the list of things I didn't get to do last time I lived there that I want to do this time. Anyone is welcome to join me and/or to add any funtivities to my list.

And yes, I did save this scan to my computer. My poor picture folder has not yet been found. I will take my poor laptop to the Apple store in NYC. Please be able to rescue my pictures Mac Docs, even though I am so bad and I keep saving new things over them.


Holly said...

I've discovered the best beach (and you can get there on public transportation and it's free). I have people in Boston. Ellis Island is my favorite place in New York. I have access to cheap theatre tickets. Let the fun begin!

jenny said...

Aww Coney is fun. And btw...We had a contest to see who saw the most celebs this summer. I only saw crappy Eddie Murphy and Jessica Alba. But T Shields saw your Johnny boy...down by Prince street. She watched him go into some apartment. So I would frequent the SoHo if I were you and lookin for Jim. Have fun! Tell the Martha team hi for me.

Tyler & Terrah Harper said...

Hi, Ashley!

It's Terrah Conrad Harper. I found your blog through Melanie Summers Glade's blog.

Best of luck in New York! :)

Does Jeannette have an email address?