Monday, March 10, 2008

Reason #one million why I think I live in the coolest place in the world.

Saturday I really wanted to go skiing. Then the person I was going to go with couldn't go. Then I wanted to go snowshoeing. Then the person I was going to go with wasn't going. So I was at the high school rodeo with my family watching my brother rope and my grandpa said, "I have snowshoes, why don't you just walk across your field?" And so I did. Not only did he have snowshoes, he had 65 year old antique wooden snowshoes that he used to use when he was trapping muskrats for $.75 a pelt. They were really awesome.

Here is Ruger and I, ready for our adventure:

This is when Ruger found a skunk den. We didn't see any skunks, thank goodness.

I just think it is awesome to be able to walk right out your back door and do fun things. The farm is a different place covered in snow. I've gone over it a million times walking, running, moving pipe, or in the tractor, but it was really cool in the snow.


Lisa said...

Yeah for Rexburg and snow that lasts until June!

Anonymous said...

Ruger is so fearless in that picture! I also wore those snowshoes once. But they were bigger than me at that point...