Sunday, July 13, 2008

and yes, I DID say accordion festival.

Tuesday I got to go see the ballet "Giselle" (thanks to Aja for getting the tickets!) It was really beautiful and fun. I'm glad I saw it. The only thing we couldn't figure out (spoiler alert!) was WHY she saved the guy that caused her mind to become unhinged and not the other guy who loved her. Who knows. I guess I just don't understand love.

Saturday was a day of me serendipitously getting to do a lot of great things I've been meaning to do. First off, Becca Foster's goodbye party. I managed to get there after all the fun water balloons were gone, but it was a great party. Bye Becca! You will be missed.

Then I met up with Matthew Chrislip at Mood Fabrics of Project Runway fame. We've been meaning to go for MONTHS and today was the day! My bag broke a month ago and I've been planning a new bag that I wanted to make but needed fabric for and we got it! Now I just have to cut it out and find a sewing machine to use.

After that I was trying to meet up with Holly to go to the Main Squeeze Accordion Festival. I could remember that it was on 70th street and on a pier, but could not remember if it was on the east or west side. So I wandered around and had to call my brother and have the conversation of "Could you please Google accordion festival NYC for me? And yes, I did say accordion festival." Thanks to him I headed west and ended up on the same street as Toga Bike Store, where my bike was waiting for me! So I also got to pick up my bike. I love my bike so much. It is better than I even expected. I don't know a lot about bikes, but every employee at the bike store was nice enough to say, "oh, YOU'RE the girl with the yellow bike! It is a great looking bike!" So at least I know it is good looking. But really, with all I know about bikes, that is the only thing I can judge by myself. We took the bike to the accordion festival and it turned out to be REALLY amazing. Better than I could have expected. My only regret is that we missed the Queen cover band. We heard music from bands from Ireland, Albania, and Columbia. It was just really nice to sit out on the pier with a nice breeze, see the kayakers who came by to check out the music, and watch the sun set behind New Jersey (there are no mountains here. The only place the sun has to go is behind buildings. But at least we could see the sun). Here are a few photos. The first is of Holly enjoying the music and standing by my bike. I wish you could see the huge grin on her face the second before I took the picture. She loves accordion music.


drew said...

Once I recovered from the shock of getting a phone call asking about directions to a accordion festival, I had the trouble of finding the right one! I had no idea accordions were so popular

Fancypants said...

Uh, if you're really going to make a Project Runway bag then you need to use the sewing machines at Parsons. Totally radical bike!