Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Saturday after I sweat through my shirt (as I always do) in my Muay Thai class (it is SO HOT in there. Everyone sweats that much) all I wanted to do was take a nap on the beach. Becca agreed to meet me at Coney Island. I was one happy girl. I was so glad Becca decided to come. So, after the super long subway ride I arrived for the first time in Coney Island. It is pretty cool. We bought some food at Nathan's, sat down on a park bench, and it started pouring rain. POURING. So we huddled under this big shelter area with a couple hundred other people to wait it out and eat our food. It did end after 25 or so minutes. Becca had to go to a party after that. I stayed and tried to take a nap but mostly just got mosquito bites. All in all, it is ALWAYS really nice to get out of the city. It was all worth it.


Fancypants said...

Love the Nathan's hot dogs! Bring me home one next time you're in town.

Tamara said...

I found you!!!