Tuesday, July 1, 2008


A couple of weeks ago, (Holly read her version here) and I volunteered to help on this bike ride to Montauk. As the website said, "We didn't invent pedaling to Montauk...we just made it a lot more fun." All of the reviews touted what a great ride it was. You can go 145, 100, 66, or 33 miles, get to Montauk, eat lunch, and ride the train home. What fun, right? This was the plan: Holly and I were going to drive the 66 mile people's bags the 2 hours to Montauk. We were taking bikes so we could ride around Montauk, hang out at the beach, eat lunch, and come home by one. We were supposed to leave at exactly 7:13 a.m. Instead, when we met at Penn Station there was a huge shortage of trucks. At 8:30 people were STILL registering. The 66 mile people had to leave their bikes in front of Penn Station with us and take the train to their starting point. Imagine 300 bikes all lined up in front of Penn Station with like 6 of us there to load them. Holly and I finally left at 9:30 with the bags and some of the 33 mile people's bikes. It took us 5 hours to get to Montauk. FIVE HOURS. Some of the 66 mile people sat all those five hours waiting for their bikes and they never came. People just drove them to Montauk. The 33 mile people we saw were not happy and they had been waiting three and a half hours. When we finally got to Montauk, we rode our bikes around, ate, and had a wonderful day. The people who were there to ride did NOT have a great time. We hung around Montauk for a while because no one knew what we were supposed to be doing. We were supposed to drive a van home but ended up on the 7:30 train. Our friends that had been back to Penn Station 3 hours before us were still there waiting for the trucks to bring their bikes back. Our bikes were miraculously there when we arrived. Cristi didn't get her bike until 1 a.m. and Jen's wasn't even back by then. A total failure as far as the Montauk ride planners went. A great day for me and Holly. Here are some pictures:

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