Wednesday, July 23, 2008

kindred spirits

Anne Shirley and I are of the same opinion:

"Diana said she believed she was born for city life. Miss Barry asked me what my opinion was, but I said I would have to think it over very seriously before I could tell her what I really thought. So I thought it over after I went to bed. That is the time to think things out. And I came to the conclusion, Marilla, that I wasn't born for city life and that I was glad of it. It's nice to be eating ice cream at brilliant restaurants at eleven o'clock at night once in a while; but as a regular thing I'd rather be in the east gable at eleven, sound asleep, but kind of knowing even in my sleep that the stars were shining outside and that the wind was blowing in the firs across the brook."

I only wish I really went to bed before eleven o'clock...

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Emilio Z. said...

Thanks for your posts, I been enjoying them for a while now. The same and your thoughts have been an extra motivation for this fellow designer.