Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yuba Lake

This past weekend I got to go waterskiing with my family on Yuba Lake. It is pretty much our favorite family activity (waterskiing, not Yuba Lake). My boss here knows that the reason I most didn't want to stay in NYC (besides that fact that it is dirty, hot, disgusting, and crowded with mice infested apartments) was because I wanted to waterski this summer. My dad planned a fun weekend and we met up in Utah. The plan was for us to camp on the lake, but, thanks to Delta Airlines and a lightning storm the day before in NYC, instead of being in SLC at 10 am on Friday, I didn't arrive until 8:15 pm, after a day of sleeping on the airport floor for 5 hours and 2 layovers in CT and GA. Lucky me. So we didn't REALLY get to camp, but we did overtake Bruce and Nancy's house, ate delicious camp food on the camp stove, and slept in the backyard.
Bruce's yard looks kind of woodsy from this angle.
My idea of the vacation was that me and Drew would waterski until we couldn't walk anymore. Sadly, we did reach this level of exhaustion, but much sooner than I expected. I just don't have the endurance I had when I was 12. Plus I haven't really skied in a long time. My only regret about the weekend was that I don't get to do it all the time. But that is my fault for living in the city.
These pictures are 1) Mom getting ready to ski 2) My dad skiing 3) my dad driving and me skiing 4) Drew skiing 5) our family (Drew is hiding Kyle. He is such an attention hog) 6) Kyle tubing (Kyle doesn't like skiing, but I don't like tubing, so I guess we're even.)


The Payne family said...

How fun! Come to Arizona now please. Your hair looks really long in that picture of you and your family.

drew said...

Attention hog?!?! White, yes. Flabby, yes. But don't go there sister. You were the one self promoting your photo hog abilities all weekend.