Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Not famous

If you look on page 200 of the September issue of the magazine I work for (I try not to post the names of corporations because I ALWAYS get comments from someone from their company and I hate it. I don't want my work tracking me down) you will see this wheel. I made it. I thought I would get a gutter credit for it but either it is glued into the center of the book or it got deleted. I actually didn't WANT the gutter credit, but since I thought it was coming, I got excited for it. I drew two things in that magazine and didn't get a gutter cred for either. Oh well. Anyway, here is the wellness wheel. It is to illustrate an article about internet quizzes on health and how you have to choose carefully what you believe. The author took one quiz with Martha and it said she is going to live to be well over 100. Job security, that's what that is called. Yeah right, I don't even really have a job. Or a gutter credit.


Archie said...

I love it.

chad, lindsay, & may-may said...

You so deserved a gutter credit. Lame. At least we know you did it!