Sunday, August 10, 2008

Parker family came to visit

July 19-21 my Uncle Don, Aunt Pat and their family came to visit NYC and let me join in on their adventures I got to do some fun things I'd not done yet in New York:

Went to Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center). It was really cool and no line to get up there. Don has superb bartering skills, he managed to get a discount on tickets purchased at the booth. And I know I am really short in comparison to their family.

Saw my first Yankees game! It was really fun. We saw three home runs and one broken bat. Quite a game. The Yankees won of course. It is the last year the Yankees are playing "In the House that Ruth Built" so I'm glad I got to see them play. A great thing about the stadium was I could see the sky and there was lots of grass. I hadn't seen that much sky in a long time.

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Small town country girl said...

Glad they got to visit I hijacked your blog page to send to the family since I didn't get any other pictures yet

looks like you had a good time