Sunday, October 12, 2008

ipod defibrillator

My ipod has been healed! A few months ago it got the sad face and died. I looked on and talked to a Mac Genius and was afraid it had gone for good. My brother had someone fix his ipod for him, so I gave him mine to take in, but asked him to charge it first. Apparently, my brother, the ipod miracle worker, charged it in his speakers for a long time and when he came back it no longer had the sad face, it said "charged." So he tried to play music, but all the music was gone. So he decided to plug it into his computer to add some songs to see if it would work and it wouldn't bring up itunes or anything so he just unplugged it without ejecting it properly and it froze his computer. So he rebooted and somehow, magically, my ipod has been restored to working order. The music is back. I believe it was the change to a different platform. Somehow, the difference of using a PC when my ipod was used to a Mac put it back to life. My brother is an ipod defibrillator. I'm very glad. I didn't want to get a new fangled fancy ipod. I like my black and white screen. Music capability only. I hope it lasts for much longer.

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The Payne family said...

Welcome back I-pod! I'm sure you were greatly missed.