Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

It was my mom's birthday on January 9th. Happy Birthday Mom! Those of you who have met my mom know that I have the best mom in the world and feel free to leave a comment about how great she is (but do not mention anything about the one time you claim she forgot to give you chocolate cake in one of the many times you ate Sunday dinner at our house...). Here a few representational reasons I think she is the best mom ever (I clearly can't list them all):

1. She makes breakfast mostly every day. Early. Good breakfasts too like pancakes or french toast with eggs and bacon or sausage or whatever you want.
2. She grows a great garden and she freezes corn and strawberries and raspberries and peas, bottles green beans, applesauce and peaches so we can eat great healthy food all year AND she went to all the work to bubble wrap, tightly pack, and mail a few bottles of peaches to me on my mission. I love those peaches.
3. Just to add another food reason, I was reading in my year book from high school and someone wrote that they wanted my mom to make them a lunch because everyone was jealous of the lunches my mom made for me.
4. She is really great at sewing and quilting. And whenever I want to make something and can't do it myself she can whip something great out. Like a crazy Pen hat for Halloween.
5. She has her own chickens and now her own cows and she feeds them every day and shares the eggs and meat with us.
6. She has a great testimony of Jesus Christ and is always trying to help us be better people.

Obviously this list could go on forever but I'm just going to put 6. I will also post the SWEET card I colored for her with crayons. I made it to the fridge. Woo hoo! I was glad I could be home for her birthday.


Lisa said...

I was jealous of your homemade lunches even in elementary school! Happy Birthday LaRae!

drew said...

Your mom IS awesome! Sometimes I'm jealous...