Sunday, March 1, 2009

A month of heart shapes

I have these heart-shaped muffin tins that I use one time per year. Valentine's Day. I usually make big batches of some sort of muffin and I have never had a problem before. This year I decide to make little heart shaped cobblers for my roommates. Cute idea I think. And if you see it before I put them in the oven, you agree.

I didn't realize they would puff up so much. Not cute. I also forgot to cut down on the cooking time since they were in smaller pans and the top overflow layer burnt so bad I could hardly get it off. I was ashamed. Not a good Valentine's omen. My mom on the other hand makes delicious heart-shaped cookies and they turned out perfectly, as they do every year.
I tried to bring some back for my roommates, but I ate them all myself before they got home. I tried again making cornmeal muffins in the heart-shaped tins. I think I hate our oven. It cooked all the edges touching the pan too much and they didn't puff up at all. I think that 5-star rating on the recipe was a dirty lie. But they looked cute enough when I put them in my taco soup.


Liz Canaan Roberts said...

Ashley! these photos are great and make me hungry (for love) ;)!

i have these same problems when i try to bake cute/cool stuff...but i keep doing it. can't help myself i guess. <3

Fancypants said...

You get an A for effort.

The Denning Family said...

I can relate to the special Valentine baking gone awry. I made heart shaped cinnamon rolls, an ingenious idea. Instead of rolling up from one side, I rolled it up from both sides and then pinched the bottom on the rolls to form a heart..well after baking they just looked like a roll. But if your favorite part of a cinnamon roll is the middle, these rolls had 2!! So it wasn't a complete flop. I think I will adopt this method regularly! By the way, I'm due for some lunch and your soup looks delish!