Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sharing some knowledge

I was finally forced into buying a new laptop a couple of weeks ago because my poor Powerbook G4 can not install a bunch of the CS4 package I have and needed to use. I have been using both laptops for a while because I was trying to find a firewire cord to use the Migration Assistant to put my files/folders from my old laptop to the new one. Then I learned (thanks cole) that the firewire spot in the MacBook Pro is a different shape than old firewires. So I called Apple and they said I could use an ethernet cord. So I've been trying to use that but it didn't work and I called Apple AGAIN and after half an hour learned that the old Migration Assistant on Tiger can't work with any cord besides the firewire. They do make a firewire cable with the new end on one side and the old one on the other but to get one I would have to change out of my pajamas. And find it. And buy it. And when else would I ever use that cord? So I am just putting the files on my external hard drive and transferring them myself. Which is kind of lame, since I thought all this technology would make it so easy to switch.

On a related topic, if anyone wants to buy a 4 year old Powerbook G4 that works perfectly, I know where you can buy one.


mitchowl said...

Hey Ashley, Did you ever sell your powerbook?

Ashley Mackay said...

no I have not sold it yet.