Thursday, March 26, 2009


I don't know how many other people subscribe to the Dunder Mifflin Monthy Newsletter, but I do, and I get a big kick out of it every time. Never disappointed. It is funnier than the show has been lately. Especially when Angela posts pictures like this:
How could I not put that on my own blog?!!!

I realize it is not a real newsletter and it is not about real people, but I am pretty jealous of whoever's job it is to google kitten pictures for a fake newsletter.

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The Payne family said...

Well you know I love this. By the way, I found a cat that I don't like. In fact, I hate her. We are watching a girl in my wards cat and the first two times I checked on her she scratched my hand twice and last the last time I actually took gloves with me and made sure to wear clothes toed shoes. Good thing, she attacked my feet like 5 times. She is the devil cat.