Sunday, April 26, 2009


Saturday my parents and brother came to Salt Lake for the Supercross race. Super fun. It was raining so the practices were canceled (which was lame) but we spent time in the "pit party" and the races were great.
Dad, Drew and I with Davey Milsap. I was rooting for Milsap because we took this picture (I totally wanted our picture to be with the winner!) but he got third. Really far behind James Stewart and Chad Reed's battle for the win. Respectable I guess.
Me and the cardboard cut-out of Ryan Villipoto. According to some lady he really is as ugly as you would think in real life. She also said Chad Reed isn't as hot as you would expect. Good to know.
Toyota did have a stand for "dirt-toos," but Drew and I actually had our faces run over by a stray motorcycle.
There were some huge flame throwers right in front of our seats that put out more black smoke than I've ever seen before. In circles. Amazing. If anyone is looking for a way to cut down carbon emissions, I know a good place to start...James won, of course. Chad pulled in second. It was a great battle, then one of James' team mates that was being lapped tried to take out Chad and got a black flag. It was fun to see the race live. Thanks Dad!

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