Sunday, May 10, 2009

why my mom is the best mom

1. She made me a cheeseburger for breakfast this morning just because I wanted it, even though she was fasting and I said I would make it myself (and who wants a cheeseburger for breakfast?!).

2. She made me frosting for the cupcakes I am making on Tuesday just because I asked for help (she is really good at making frosting and I'm a bit insecure about it)

3. It was Mother's Day! I should have been making hamburgers and frosting and doing dishes for her! Instead I got her one pair of socks. But she does really like them.

Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you.

(Just FYI: I'm not posting this picture because I think I did a great job drawing us. It looks like I'm in the fourth grade trying to draw anime muppet versions of us. I am posting it because I'm back in Salt Lake now and this is as close to putting it on the fridge as I can get.)

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