Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why today is awesome

1. Family dinner at Applebee's. Actual conversation:
When the waitress brought my Grandpa his dinner he said, "Broccoli?! Take this back!"
The lady sitting in a booth behind our table yelled, "Eat your vegetables, Ken!"
My Grandpa responded: "Listen here, you old heffer..." to which we never heard what she was supposed to listen to because we were laughing too hard. It seems he knew her. And he did not eat his broccoli. My mom ate it for him.

2. The garbage can rolling upright across the street of it's own free will (so it seemed, it is really windy here today). It almost hit the car in front of us. It really was funny if you saw it.

3. Awwww...


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That DOES sound like a great day!