Sunday, June 14, 2009

the new place

My roommates and I moved around the block to a great new house. Thanks to everyone who helped us move! I am posting some pictures 1). Because it really is awesome and 2) to show my friends who are moving here later in the summer how amazing it is. Pictures don't really do it justice and I didn't take any of the bedrooms, but here goes:

Outside front view. I didn't do a good job taking this picture. There are tons of roses all up and down the sides of the fence. The rain has hammered them a little, but they are beautiful.

Half-mowed back yard. It is really hard to mow when it is really really wet. There is a hot tub but I guess the people who rented this place a couple of times ago broke it. Thanks to them.

This is the dining room/living room view. There is a gas fireplace in the living room that you can't see from here. The roses are from our yard.

The kitchen/office nook. Yes that is a pull-down ironing board with a smaller sleeve board.

Another view of the kitchen. I should have put the dishes away. But at least they are clean...

Out of focus picture of the upstairs bathroom. The tub and toilet are pink. My room is in the basement so I don't really use this bathroom and I was nervous taking a picture of someone else's bathroom. That is why the picture stinks. But the bathroom is cute. The bathroom in the basement is all white but also very nice.

Downstairs living room area. My roommate has a couch we are going to put down here, we just have to go pick it up in Midway. I like to call this the Rock Band room, because it is perfect for that kind of thing, but we don't have Rock Band.
Really cool light fixture by the Rock Band room.

So that is our new house! Come visit anytime!


Holly said...

Wow!!! All my dreams are coming true!! Roses!!!! A fold-out ironing board!!!! A room for the Toot Sweets to practice!!! Amazing!!! Thanks you for find it!

Listen to this weirdness, I'm hanging out with my friend and I said, "Do you want to see pictures of where I'm going to live in Salt Lake?" and I find the pictures I already had and you had JUST posted this. Crazy, eh?

You are terrific! I"m so excited to be your roommate.

see-k-tee said...

Yay yay yay!!! This is going to be so great :)!

The Denning Family said...

Loooks so fun! The fold out ironing board is a must have, I hope to install one in our new house!

vdg family said...

How nice! Kinda jealous here--especially about--um--everything. A righteous jealous I think. :)