Friday, February 19, 2010


Last night I was watching the Olympics by myself before my roommates got home and actually teared up a little watching Julia Mancuso celebrate her slalom win (see 3:30). I loved the awkward way she was jumping and pumping her skis. Joy was shooting out of her ski tips.

I do think they should have scheduled the women's half pipe snowboarding before the men's because really, after Shaun White, what was left to watch? Also they all fell down.

I was of course rooting for American Evan Lysacek. In the short program he looked just like Snape. It was like watching Harry Potter on ice.

Showing up with snakes around his neck for the long program solidified the nickname for me:

until he won the gold medal and his countenance totally changed. It was crazy. The announcers kept saying how much younger he looked and it was true. He transformed from Snape into the little kid that couldn't beat his sister in anything so he started figure skating and finally won his dream of the gold medal.

I hadn't heard of Evan Lysacek before but he seems to have a following. When I was searching for images Google recommended another popular search which was "Evan Lysacek shirtless." Another image had the caption "Email me Evan!" Girls love Snape.

I didn't realize I loved the Olympics so much.

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