Wednesday, February 17, 2010

True Compass

I just finished reading/listening to True Compass: A Memoir, by Ted Kennedy (I read the first half but didn't finish it before I had to give it to the library and then had to get the audio book). I listen to a lot of NPR and when Kennedy died they talked a LOT about him and I felt like he was a pretty big deal and wanted to know more about him. I really enjoyed the book. I liked how important family was to the Kennedys, but didn't realize how many horrible things had happened to them. I was so surprised when Bobby got shot because for some reason I thought he had died in the airplane, but turns out that was JFK Jr. I didn't realize the book might be biased at all until after I listened to the Chappaquiddick incident and my reaction was "Oh, poor guy" (not that my reaction should have been different. He pretty much said he couldn't function because he was still in such shock from Bobby being shot, but most people make it a little more complicated than that. He did mention they had some cocktails). Then when he started talking about Reagan... let's just say his opinion was opposite of the people still sporting Reagan bumper stickers and getting Reagan calendars (yes Holly, that's you) that wish we were still in the Reagan years. So, really, I came out of it knowing less about politics, concerned that the Senate and House only vote so the other party can't succeed, much more educated about the Kennedys and with a hankering to go to the St. Patrick's Day parade in Boston. He really did do a lot in the Senate. Has anyone else read the book? Just wondering what you thought.


hanner said...

i haven't read the book, but i love the kennedys. there was a really amazing story on npr last year about bobby kennedy's assassination, and it was so sad. i wonder how things would have been different if he were elected president. i get a little choked up when i think about all the sad things that have happened to them. and then eunice and ted had to go and die in the same month (same week? i don't remember), AND it's even sadder that ted did so much for health care throughout his career and then MA goes and votes for scott brown. sigh. REALLY SAD.

sorry. i really do love camelot. and you should go visit arlington cemetery and the graves. very moving.

Jnuck said...

I love the Kennedys. I respect their politics. I mourn for their tragedies. But it makes me a little ill how they can engender empathy for their womanizing. Seriously, boys?