Monday, March 8, 2010

I seriously love mail

I just got back from my Grandpa Murdoch's funeral. It was really, really nice. This whole experience taught me a lot, one thing being that I have no concept of proper funeral etiquette as relating to how to treat other people going through a sad time. Other people do know what to do. We got tons of food, flowers, and fruit baskets at my house in Rexburg. Then when I walked into my house in Salt Lake I found these awesome things on my table:

A really really nice green card from Holly (the nice part is what it says inside):

A non-bill from Comcast. Quit sending me that stuff Comcast! I don't have an account with you anymore! (This is a rough breakup for Comcast)

A really really nice award I won endorsing positive and strong relationships between grandparents and grandkids (Becca, I didn't realize your fake job was Director of Grooviest Grandkid in the known Universe Award!) I'm going to frame that thing. I like anything from Outer Space:

Then, a dress I purchased for myself from Lea's Vintage on Etsy. I saw the package and thought, oh, cute she went the extra mile and put a heart sticker on it:

THEN I opened it up and instead of a plain old dress I got this:

and thought, I am sorry to anyone who purchased anything from me on Etsy. I tried to doll it up a little, but it wasn't ever this cute.

I was worried when I opened it and it said size 10 but it fits me fine. Not as good as the model, but it is still cute. This is the model (not me. I tried, but it is hard to take full body shot pictures of yourself):

Belt not included. Now I need to do my laundry so I can wear it.

I would post pictures from the funeral but I took them on my Holga so you can expect to see those in like 6 months. It was really cool to be with my whole family. There are 143 of us. That is a lot of funeral potatoes.


ComcastCares1 said...

Hi Ashley,

Sorry about your grandpa.

I read about your zero balance Comcast bill. Have you been receiving a bil every month? I'd like to look into this. Will you please let me know the phone number that was associated with the account?

Nice dress, congrats on the award by the way! :)


Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

Kali said...

Heck yes to the funeral potatoes. At Ron's funeral, I got gipped. They ran out of potatoes just as I got there. I really was made quite sad. No funeral potatoes for me. But this funeral it was made up to me. I had funeral potatoes on 2 days!