Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Language of the Universe

I love this line from the CES Fireside Elder Uchdorf gave in November 2009. It came after he told the story of the Ugly Duckling:

"We are not ordinary, rejected or ugly. We are divine."

Thank you Elder Uchdorf!

I've also been working on having a "healthy sense of worth" like the lyrics of this song (which I loved before, but just noticed that they also reference the type face Futura. Just when I thought I couldn't be any more in love with Vampire Weekend they have to bring type into the equation...).

While I was visiting teaching this month we were talking about one of the girl's roommates who had decided she was sick of working at any old office and was going to pursue her dreams so she was gone interviewing at fashion schools. The girl we were talking to was saying how she wished she could do that but she didn't know what to go back to school for. So then I was thinking about what I would go back to school for to fulfill my dreams and realized I had already done it. I really love Graphic Design. There are other things I still want to learn, but I'm pretty happy where I started. I'm not saying I've fulfilled my Personal Legend yet (I just finished reading The Alchemist), I feel like I'm just working in the crystal shop on the hill, but I think I'm on my way and learning what I need to know, and I really thankful for everyone who helped me to get where I am.

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