Friday, June 4, 2010

flash delirium

Just returned from MGMT located In The Venue. It was crazy fun and crazy ridiculous. We were pretty close to the front so we were right in the thick of things. Some girl passed out before the show even started, even though the bouncers were pouring water into people's mouths. I haven't been in a good mash-y type pit in a while. Drew and I made a list of things you have to concentrate on in this venue:
1. Not dying
2. Holding your position by the stage
3. Dancing
4. Remembering among all the other things that there is a live band on the stage.

I love MGMT!

I kind of like when you get to the point in between the opening band and the main band where you and the established people around you are trying to hold off intruders elbowing up from the back and form a wall of arms stuck together with sweat. The people in front of us were super nice and the big tall guy even moved over so I could see better. Thanks guy! I think Drew was blocking most of the pushing which was nice. Thanks Drew! I decided to compile a list of concert etiquette tips for some of the folks I observed at the show tonight:

1. Best hair style for long hair: low bun. Seriously. I don't like your hair sticking to my arms (it was really really hot). Or when you flip it into my face. Or when you have a big ratty ponytail high up on your head with feathers sticking out (see photo above. It was taken from Drew's height. That is why you can see over them). I don't really care if you dressed up like the music video.
2. When you are doing the spin move I learned in flag football as you try to elbow your way to the front, don't say that you aren't the one pushing. You are. Don't try to fake it.
3. Keep your arms down when we are all sweating that much. Just do it.
4. Please wear clothes that will stay on your body when you are squeezing past lots of people with your ambiguous sibling.
5. I probably should not have worn my biggest metal watch to the show. Sorry girl who was in front of me when we were getting shoved.

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hanner said...

this list made me laugh. i haven't been to a really intense show in a long time... i think the last one was girl talk in 2007 at urban lounge. i was sure that 90% of the girls around us were going to either vomit or pass out, or both. another crazy one was ratatat at in the venue... oh MAN. and talk about long ponytails hitting you in the face. a tall girl with dreds in a ponytail was standing right in front of me, rockin' out. long comment.