Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hold it Steady

Haha! I was just looking on Youtube for videos of Deadma5 from Sasquatch because that show was really really crazy. My mouth was hanging open the whole time. I did find one. But, more importantly, I saw that someone else had filmed the same crazy rocking out guy that Becca was filming when we were watching The Hold Steady. We were right behind him and yes, I am the girl in the yellow jacket in the video above (standing right behind him in the preview part and around the 1 minute mark). I look just as crazy as the big guy dancing. Whenever I see myself on camera I try to vow never to try dancing in public again, but it never sticks. I just like hopping around at shows. And I totally agree with the comment from the guy who made the video:
" I filmed this guy rocking out to the band The Hold Steady (by the way they rocked it) at the Sasquatch Music Festival 2010. The man was not drunk. He was just waaaaay into the band. I don't disagree with his reaction....they were very good."

And props to that big guy for dancing. Everyone else was just standing around.

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becca said...

i see you!

maybe props to him for dancing, but his dancing is terrible.