Monday, August 16, 2010

Just some presents.

Here are a few nifty gifties I've made recently.

1. Embroidered kitchen towel for my grandma. One of my coworkers made one with her and her grandson's hand and I thought it was such a good idea. I didn't think my big hand would be as cute so I traced my little cousin Berkley's hand but my grandma said she would have liked it with my hand too. Thanks Grandma.

2. My brother bought a Victory Hammer motorcycle so for his birthday I tried to make him a t-shirt to wear with his Hammer pants (yes, he has some). I intended for the writing on the shirt to just be the bleached out color but it turns out that bleach pen does bleed. So I traced over it again with a marker. It turned out ok. Some guy at a motorcycle dealership told my brother that it was cool, so take that for what it is worth.

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