Wednesday, August 18, 2010

One Fun Show

Gina and I saw The Temper Trap when we were at Sasquatch and we went to see them again in Salt Lake last week. They were one of my favorites at the festival but I thought I should probably save my money and not go. But then the show was only $5 and totally worth every penny. I would have paid $6 (I actually paid $7 because of fees but whatever).

We were very close to the front.

Somehow I forgot about how Dougy pours water on his drum and how cool it is. How did I forget about this? I'm sure it helped that we were standing right in front of him this time (I stole this picture from the web, I did not take it. Actually, I did not take ANY of these pictures).

The opening band was called Butterfly Bones and they were actually really fun. We bought their cd and since the band was all standing right there we had them sign it. Why not? I told Lisa I would only take a picture with the lead singer if he didn't put his sweaty bare armpit over my shoulder. He didn't hear me say it apparently. I smelled for a while after. She says I smelled like a rock star. His name was Reese. He signed his name with a heart at the end. I thought he said his name was Grease and didn't even question it. Oh that tank top...

The lead singer from Temper Trap came out later and obviously we had him sign our ticket. Everyone at the show was so nice. The crowd was well-behaved. The security was so friendly and recommended we stay by the merch desk until Dougy came. No one smoked pot or spilled beer on me. The bands didn't swear and when one guy in the crowd did some BYU students edited his comment for him. I love The Depot.

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