Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Almost ready.

I've been in Rexburg for the last 10 days hanging out with the family before I go to New Zealand (tomorrow!!!!! Tomorrow is the day!!!!). Now I'm going to post pictures of everything I've been doing, because that is what blogs are for, right?

Constructed a family picture (Drew is in LA. For some reason I always think photoshopping him into pictures is funny. My parents wanted him in there. It was the best I could do:

Took pictures of the sunset:

and the cat (of course):

Made some cinnamon rolls with my mom:

My brother helped me make a bike rack in the garage (surprisingly my dad wouldn't let me leave my bike in my bedroom):

Kyle shot a deer:

I got my motorcycle endorsement! Now I'm ready for any adventure. I practiced all week on a real motorcycle but ended up taking the test on the scoot. I got 100% because the guy let me redo the tests I messed up on and he thought I was 16 year old so he went easy on me. I'm really glad Drew bought this scoot. It has come in so handy:

Sewed this swimsuit:

and this bag:

That's about it.

I read on Swissmiss about freelensing and tried it out. It did not turn out like the pictures on her blog. Maybe if I knew how to adjust my camera settings I could make it less white. Or maybe I had the lense too far away. Maybe not. Any advice? Casey showed me some lenses that are made to bend without you having to detach it from the camera. Maybe I just need one of those.


Christy said...

GOOD LUCK!!! HAVE FUN!!! I'm sooo excited for you. Have I mentioned that? Oh and I love your swimsuit, and bag. I'll take one of each, please. No rush.

The Payne family said...

You are leaving already?!!! That came really fast. Please please please keep us update on everything!

The Denning Family said...

Have a GREAT adventure. p.s. I am impressed with your sewing skills. :)

vdg family said...

Wow! What a great swimming suit and bag.

Julie said...

I am dealing with some serious swimming suit lust right now...

Yancy said...

Love the swimsuit and bag, and I can't believe your dad wouldn't let you keep your bike in the bedroom.

Luckily my wife is more understanding. :)

suzie said...

did you photoshop drew into that family picture? miss you guys.