Monday, November 8, 2010

Auckland Grammar School

Today we felt super productive. This morning we got our IRD numbers so we can work, we have a NZ bank account, and we have a prepaid cell phone. Our one goal for the afternoon was to go climbing. There is only one place really to climb in the city, but it has two sides, a long side and a short side. It is hard to get between them because there is a prison in the middle. The guy in the outdoor store told us the long wall was really close but it took us an hour to get to there. You go to the Auckland Grammar School and there is randomly this really cool looking rock wall next to their playing fields. We were super excited to find it. Then we saw the sign:

Closed! We were very sad. And we didn't try to climb them because Amalia can't do anything illegal while we are here or she can't get her old job back. So we walked for like 30 min more to the short side and it was a really weird wall. Not very tall and there were no bolts. We had to walk up to the top, put the rope in the chains and repel down. I got the rope up there but we couldn't tell where our route was and I think we went between three separate climbs. It wasn't pretty. But we did it.

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onecirclefarm said...

We are with Amalia, no illegal activity's. Love Mom and Dad