Sunday, November 7, 2010

This is written really poorly, but the gist of it is we had church with the Governor General

We found a ward to go to this morning and got there at 8:45. The doors were locked. One other girl showed up that had never been before that was from Colorado and then two New Zealanders showed up but no one came that could unlock the doors. They must have been having stake conference, but no one knew where the stake center was. So we were walking around and asked a lady if she knew where a church was and she told us the Anglican church was just around the corner. It was in a really cool old huge cathedral. Apparently it was a holiday today, Remembrance day. The service at 10 was short, then there was a tiny parade of half a block where a military band walked with some of the political leaders. Then there was another service and a light luncheon. One of the people there was the Governor General of New Zealand. We didn't totally know what that meant until I asked later. Turns out he is the acting head of state when the Queen isn't around. And we had church with him. We've only been here one week. Just meeting all of the important people. And somehow we forgot our cameras.

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Christy said...

What?! You didn't take your camera to church? What's wrong with you?
{wink wink}