Friday, November 12, 2010

In which we buy a car.

This morning I bought an internet card for our new hostel, dropped it in our food bag, and couldn't find it all day. I looked through my stuff over and over and it was lost. I don't loose things super often so I was really annoyed, but it was only $5, so I tried to get over it. Later this evening I said out loud, "The only place we haven't looked is the fridge. Maybe I'll open the door and it will be stuck to the soymilk." And it really was. What?!

When we were walking around town I put my little moleskin notebook that I've been keeping our budget and phone numbers in my back pocket. We came back to Auckland specifically to buy a car so we were down by the University of Auckland looking at one we had seen in an ad. When we were almost to the car, I realized my notebook had somehow come out of my pocket. Although Amalia had said she didn't want to buy the first car we looked at, we did. We walked back to our hostel first to see if we could find my notebook. We did not find it. After a scramble at atms trying to get enough cash out at once, we walked back to get our car and turns out Chris (the guy we got the car from) had already found my notebook! After talking to us the first time he had gone into the office at his dorm and there was a black notebook with my name sitting on the administrator's desk. Someone had turned it in and he had just happened to see it. What?!

To make a great day even better, yes, we did buy the car.

It is pretty awesome. The seat folds down so we can sleep in the back if we need to. It has a cord so we can plug our ipods in. That pretty much covers all I know about cars. I drove it to a parking garage with Amalia giving directions like, "ok we are going to turn right here, a WIDE right, right over into the LEFT lane..." It is a bit tricky getting used to the left lane. Hopefully it comes quick.

So yeah, it has been a great day of miracles, answered prayers, and a car.


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The Denning Family said...

I love the soymilk bit. Looks like you're having some great adventures!!!

onecirclefarm said...

Wow, watch out for the traffic!! Don't forget to check the oil?