Friday, November 12, 2010

Ferry to Russell

According to the plaques around Paihia (and our Rough Guide) the Maori asked the Britain to come help them maintain peace in New Zealand. The treaty was signed in Paihia. Russell is just across the water and has other historical sights. And really nice beaches. We did the beach walk. We had an ice cream burger. We saw a PIRATE SHIP!!!

I hiked to Flagstaff Hill where there is a flagstaff that the British built to symbolize peace, but there was a time when the Maori were disgruntled and they cut it down like 5 different times. They later built it back. It was on top of Flagstaff that I saw my first Kiwi bird. Or at least I think it was one. See for yourself:

I tried to take a video of the Kiwi but could not figure out how to make the camera work before some people scared him away. Later I tried to take a panoramic video of the top of the hill, but I moved a little too fast. I would post it but now I don't know how to make it small enough to put on the blog. It is taking forever to load. Maybe later.

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Sarah said...

Did you also sink the pirate ship with that handy cannon?