Monday, December 6, 2010

Digital Postcard: Coromandel Peninsula

We met some church members in Tauranga that told us the Coromandel Peninsula was a must-see. So we saw it. And they were right. The Hot Water Beach is this crazy place where hot water comes up through the beach so during low tide everyone digs big holes and you sit in home-made hot tubs. The water in one place was actually boiling. Crazy. While we were sitting there a bus guide came up and told his group the story about how a group of Maori killed a bunch of other Maori then buried and cooked them in Hot Water Beach. We decided next time to bring a tin foil dinner to cook.

We walked to Cathedral Cove where they filmed a scene of Narnia and there were signs all over saying you couldn't even go to the Cathedral part. Everyone else did. But whenever I break rules fate is never on my side. We didn't risk the rock fall.

Amalia as the Little Mermaid:

Near Coromandel Town a potter wanted to be able to get clay from the top of a mountain so he built this little train ride you can take. It was funny.

We camped in the Waikawau Bay DOC campsite. It was not busy with people, but was full of sheep. The different areas are correctly named "paddocks". We did find a place with no poop to put our tent.
Actually we loved this place so much we are going back for the month of January and Amalia is going to work in their general store. I am going to work on my website and hopefully some freelance. And surf every day on this beach:



amanda jane jones said...

amazing!! that beach looks fantastic!

Jules said...

Love how you're doing every we did :) We went to Coromandel Penninsula and Hot Water Beach and Cathedral Cove AND took Little Mermaid pics on that rock! Oh I want to go back!!!
Keep having awesome adventures!