Monday, December 6, 2010

Wharepapa South: Bryce's Rockclimbing Cafe & Lodge

We stayed in a hostel run "by climbers for climbers." And yes, it WAS that cool. He even had his own bouldering cave where we played Add-On with some other campers. It was really fun. And cool. If someone could please figure out the logistics and funding for Amalia and I to open one in Moab, we'd jump right on that when we get back. We went climbing at a place called Froggart Edge. The rock was Pocketed Ignimbrite, for those who might care.

The tall peak in the middle of the picture above is the longest climb we did. It was graded an 18 (supposedly a 5.10). I lead it. Well, the first day we tried to climb it I didn't take up enough draws but then the SECOND day I totally lead it. Here is a dark picture of me on the top. I am glad I've been carrying that super long rope around:
It was a fun day. And then we saw the old Windows background:


Casey Hyer Photography said...

totally jealous and drooling right know. I wouldn't leave.

The Denning Family said...

Wow, that looks intense. I am impressed! Glad you are having so much fun!!