Friday, January 7, 2011

January 2011: Waikawau Bay

We are spending the month of January in Waikawau Bay. We met the camp managers a month or so ago and they asked if one of us wanted to work in their shop, which we did. So Amalia works every day with their daughter, Brooke. I work if one of them doesn't want to. Other than that we just swim, surf, and eat.

This is the shop:

The Tupaeas have a huge grill/deep fryer under this tent in their yard. We have been eating great food:

The next couple pictures are views from the house. We have our tent set up in the horse paddock in the back yard. We share it with Patch.

This is Samone eating kina. The only part you can eat is that tiny yellow part inside the bristly skin. It was alive until she cut it open. Blegh. I tried a mussel the other day. Lots of seafoods here.


Phineas Jalyper said...

Hey Ashley, this is Keaton. I'm a friend of Joe LeBaron's, who I think you know. i've been following your blog for a while now. It's been really helpful! I'll be in New Zealand in just a few weeks, so it's nice to know where to look for help finding places to stay, work, etc. It might be fun to meet up at some point during our travels! Keep up the blog, it's really great.

Ashley Mackay said...

Hi Keaton! I'm not sure how to respond to blog comments so I'm just going to write here. Amalia mentioned that you were coming out. Just let us know where and when. We can totally meet up.