Saturday, January 1, 2011

"No exposed nipples at the table"

On Christmas Eve we camped at a place called Forest Pools. I told Amalia that if Santa were real we would wake up to presents outside our tent. There were no presents, but apparently he left mine at my parent's house. He must have known that I can't fit anything else in my bag.

On our drive to Kaikohe we stopped at a fireman museum. Obviously we would do that.

And obviously there would be a miniature horse baby there.

We were invited to Christmas by Aryan McKay who said their Christmases are usually "the more the merrier". We loved everyone. It was great to have such a fun place to be for Christmas. It wasn't super hot but people were swimming in the pool. The no nipples rule was implemented when Ary's dad was trying to get his son to put a shirt on for dinner. A good Christmas tradition.

One of my favorite parts was when Ary's Grandnan said this cousin looked like an Afghanistan boy (I will also take this time to note that little mullets are all the rage on little boys in NZ. Seriously. All of them up to like age 18):

We played Badminton:

Amalia joined in with the nappers:

We played time challenge with the Quad Bike (4-wheeler...):

So yeah, that was Christmas for us. A big big thanks to everyone in Ary's family for letting us hang out for a couple days.


Small town country girl said...

were they surprised that you knew how to drive the 4 wheeler so well? your post cards are very nice. Glad you had a good-but different-Christmas. The lamb you sent Berkley was so cute. We miss you but love to read about your travels.

LaRae said...

Merry Christmas Miss USA-we miss you, but love your blog

drew said...

I guess firefighters in NZ are all rastafaris?

Fancypants said...

So glad you had a nipple-less dinner.