Saturday, January 1, 2011

Digital Postcards: Northland

On our way north, we stopped for church in Whangarei (pronounced faun-ga-rey). If you ever need anything, stop for church in Whangarei. Before Sacrament meeting ended we had an invite for Christmas and during Relief Society they passed a paper around and everyone wrote their names and numbers down in case we needed anything. They pretty much forced us to stay for their FHE the next day, found us a place to stay in Whangarei and further north in Kaitai. A big thank you to everyone in the Whangarei ward.

In Kaitai we stayed with a guy named Daniel who lived in his family's house and keeps it nice for when people come during holidays. He also worked at a radio station. One night we walked to get fish and chips and he introduced me to a DJ that was going on the radio soon. They told us to call in, but instead what went down was Daniel had been texting and suddenly we hear on the radio, "Stop calling in! Clear up the lines for Miss USA!" And Daniel hands me the phone and everyone listening to that station think Miss USA from last year and this year are there in the station. Or at least that is what the DJ said. Since we haven't been trained in answering panel questions like a real Miss USA would have been, our answers weren't that great, but it was really really really fun.

We took a bus tour to the very top of the island where you see the two oceans meet, then we drove back on 90-mile beach, which is actually on the highway system. It is only like 67 miles, but it is impressive. There are supposed to be wild horses but we didn't see any so I had to add some in on the postcard.


onecirclefarm said...

I always knew you were famous!!!

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Julie said...

Loving those giant horses on the beach!

Jules said...

Isn't the convergence cool?!? One of my favorite things I did in NZ! So glad you got to see it :)