Saturday, January 15, 2011

More pictures from Waikawau

Me and Ama (yes, I put the shadow of the camera directly on her face):

Amalia and Charlie making lolli bags to sell at the shop (and eating the lollies aka candy):

Amalia holding a surf board:

Amalia laying on a surfboard:

Brooke and Mel riding horses on the beach:

In this photo I was trying to capture both my awesome tan line (we were inexplicably sunburned while at Shipwreck Bay before Christmas. My legs are still peeling) and the amount of bug bites on my legs. I am the only person with that many bug bites. Bugs love me.

My tan line is pretty good, but nothing in comparison to my bike short line of 2009 (photo by Ty Mecham. This picture is too funny not to drag out again):

Here is another view of the house where we are staying:


drew said...

This is the dialog that just went through my head:
Hey Becca, watch this move! Woah Ashley, your legs are crazy! No, seriously watch my moves! I can't... your legs are too awesome.... I can't look away... Well at least they aren't masculine, but my moves were awesome too.

Ashley Mackay said...

Actually the dialogue was Ty saying, "Work it girls, or you won't get paid!" Then my arm hit the ceiling fan.

Julie said...

Your legs and where you live are equally amazing.