Monday, January 10, 2011

Some more Waikawau

This is my new buddy Charlie:
The shop is open 9-6. I work 12-3. We used to surf during lunch breaks but now that we work opposite we just take turns. When we are not surfing or eating I don't have a ton to do (anyone have a freelance project they need me to do?). So I've started hanging out with 6 year old Charlie Tupaea. We play hide and seek or ride bikes down the hill. He likes to spy on Amalia when she is reading in the tent. They have a dog Jules (or Jewels, I don't know). She fetches anything, including rocks. Today she was picking up rocks out of the bottom of the estuary and swimming out with them. Crazy dog. I tried to take a picture but she kept moving. Charlie says she doesn't like cameras.

This is a picture of Brooke's special place. You have to hike through some serious bush to get there, but it is right behind their house.

And this is the view from there:

The Tupaeas live in a pretty awesome place.


Lori said...

Beautiful place!!! That dog that puts rocks in his mouth shoiuld get together with the guy in "How to Train Your Dragon". The one that puts a rock in his mouth to take the place of a lost tooth. ; )

hey if you ever meet Kathy and Fred Green from Tauranga Bay, tell them hello!!! They are family friends.

Phineas Jalyper said...

what a beautiful place to live! I about laughed my head clean off when I saw that dog with a humongous rock in its mouth. Crazy dog indeed!

Tif said...

I like your new friend. He seems pretty tough and rad. If I hear of anyone needing some design work I'll send them to you.

Tif said...
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