Friday, September 19, 2008

American Girl

Back when I was like, 11, I subscribed to American Girl Magazine. In one issue they said if you wanted to have a pen pal, send in a 3x5 card with our address, etc. and they would match us with someone else. I had a pen pal named Amie Senland from then until we graduated from high school. She was from Connecticut. I had never met her, and lost contact, but found her on Facebook! She is in New York at graduate school and a few weeks ago I went to visit her in Bronxville and we finally met! Hooray for Facebook.


jenny said...

That is awesome. My sister gets the American Girl Doll catalog delivered to our apartment. It's hilarious.

Mary Ellen said...

Hey stranger! You are back in the west???
I totally got the American Girl mag, but never did the pen pal thing. Very cool.

MegRuth said...

I LOVED the American Girl Magazine back in the day!