Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Two redactions

It has come to my attention that I have made two errors in my blogging about New Zealand (there are probably more I don't know about). I would like to clear them up.

1. A while ago I saw a large bird I was really hoping was a Kiwi bird. It was not (Becca Shim looked it up). Turns out they are nocturnal. Travis says they sometimes walk through the paddock our tent is pitched in. Sometimes at night I shine my headlamp around when I hear bird-like noises, but I have seen no birds. Only a bunny and a possum.

2. Kaitaia is spelled like that. I left out the last "a" on my blog post.

My apologies.

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onecirclefarm said...

Hey keep your eye out for a snipe? You may find one of those too!!!